• Smart Consulting Point practices exclusively the standard page of 2000 characters with spaces.  Minimum unit pricing is 2,000 characters with spaces. Our prices are competitive and set in order to enable any client the access to translation services.
      • Smart Consulting Point Translation Office does not practice emergency rates for certified translations made ​​from the basic language. The motivation for this decision is that we have to match our customers’ pace and needs, as well as technological advantages that we benefit from in the century of speed.
      • Certified or legalized translations prices dependent on:  the language from / to translate, the difficulty of translation, the volume of materials to be translated.
      • For already translated works, at the disposal of our clients, we provide collation services by a sworn translator, who may authorize the document, after checking and possibly changing the text in purpose of consistency between the source and the target document. For such services, the price is 50% lower than the fare used to translate a page of 2000 characters with spaces.  However, if the certified translator finds many mistakes in the translated document that you already have, we will refuse the collation service and we will recommend another translation of the document exclusively by our authorized translator.
      • Customers can hand over the documents to be translated directly to our office in Suceava, Aleea Trandafirilor, No. 10, Bl. 10, Sc. A, Ap. 1, where we will conclude a Services Agreement between the parties.  However, your presence at our office is not mandatory. The Services Agreement concluded between you and our Office can be sent by email / fax and can be signed and stamped by both sides. Documents can be sent by email to the address smartconsultingpoint@yahoo.ro or by fax at the number +40 330 816 918. You will be contacted immediately in order to be communicated a cost estimation and a delivery date. Payment can be made by means of a money order. In order to begin the translation process, you need to send us the proof of payment. At the established delivery term, the translation will be immediately sent to you by email / fax or by courier, if you need certified translation or legalized in original.
      • The deadline is commonly agreed, and the average duration needed for a translation is 24 hours. However, if you require an urgent translation, we shall apply a surcharge of 50% over the usual price.  We shall also apply a price surcharge for documents with high degree of difficulty.
      • For a more accurate assessment, please complete the table in QUICK PRICE ESTIMATION. Our team will reply as soon as possible.