About Us

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Smart Consulting Point is a company composed of translators authorized by the Ministry of Justice, created in order to help you with individualized services of translation and interpreting, adapted to each customer’s needs. In order to facilitate your communication with partners outside the country, our team, formed of translators specialized in various fields and different languages, offers professional services for translation and interpreting on favourable terms and at competitive prices.

Smart Consulting Point relies on the following principles:

– professionalism and precision;
– competence and tight deadlines;
– format compliance with the original document;
– consulting specialists in the field.

Why choose Smart Point Consulting?

Because we guarantee translation quality!

We know that you want to work with professionals in translations, with experienced, competent and reliable persons! Our team of professional translators specialized in various fields ensures the accuracy of your translations. Every translation is verified and proofread carefully, every detail being extremely important. We constantly improve our  know-how, seeking the best solutions to our customers ‘ requests.

Because your time and money matter!

You need the highest quality translations, in a short time and at a fair price. Here you can get maximum quality of services, in a reduced time and at competitive prices. We know that meeting deadlines is a strong argument in your decision.

Because you want privacy!

We take responsibility for the confidentiality of your documents. Smart Consulting Point signs with each translator individually a confidentiality agreement, with specific clauses that ensure security and confidentiality of your projects.

Because we have solutions to all your problems!

Our team of translators authorized by the Romanian Ministry of Justice, demanding and devoted persons to the activities they carry out, assume the responsibility that your translations shall be recognized by quality and accuracy.

Through interpreting services we provide experienced interpreters in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for various events: conferences, seminars, trainings, business meetings, negotiations, auctions or press conferences.

We meet your wish to save time and other resources, providing translation related activities, such as notary legalization and  Apostille authentication, car documents  and insurances, in the most generous terms for the customer.

We build long-term partnerships with our customers, being constantly preoccupied to become better and to reach service excellence:  A satisfied customer brings 3 new clients in the portfolio, while a dissatisfied customer drives away other ten.