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Insurance protects the individual, from a financial point of view, against the production of certain risks. It is interesting that the rate of emergence of these events is the same – no matter if you are pessimistic or optimistic. In other words, whether you are sure that something bad will happen to you, or you’re convinced that nothing evil can affect you, the probability of occurrence of the risk is identical, also in one case and the other.

In conclusion, the need for financial protection through insurance is the same, at both pessimists and optimists.

  • Life and property insurances are very important for each of us, whether they are on long term or short term, giving us financial protection in the worst moments of life.
  • The most common type of auto insurance policy is RCA, due to the obligation of each car owner to contract this auto liability policy. Thus, whether we like it or not, we must ensure our car or motorcycle every year or for half an year for civil liability towards third parties. In addition to that, there is Casco insurance, covering theft or damage to your own vehicle, regardless of who is responsible for the accident.
  • There also entered into force recently the mandatory homeowner’s insurance, which most people know very little or even nothing about, although it represents a very important policy for all of us, its obligation granting it a share as high as the RCA policy.
  • Life insurance is just as important as the mandatory. It typically offers not only the protection against some unfortunate events, but also an opportunity of saving and investment. Life insurance policies are not inflexible, each policy can be customized in such a way as to match the client’s needs and his financial possibilities.
  • Other person insurances, health / travel / accident insurances have their own importance, being necessary at a certain moment in life and for certain activities.

Certainly, most of us are interested in a price as low as possible when it comes to concluding an insurance.

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