Auto docs


Smart Consulting Point provides comprehensive services (translations, Auto Liability Insurance, CASCO insurance and drawing up files) necessary for the issuing of temporary numbers (“red numbers”) and final registration numbers from the Community Public Service Driving Licenses Regime and Vehicle registration of Suceava.

Prices for Vehicle Registration Documents

Service Price
Vehicle Registration Sheet 15 RON
Purchase-Sale Contract 20 RON
Transcription Set 40 RON
Removal from the Register Set 30 RON
Vehicle Registration Set 20 RON
Removal from the Register Certificate 15 RON
Application 5 RON
Delegation (for Legal Entities) 5 RON
Other Services – Additions for Files drawn up ​​outside the office 10 RON
Xerox Copy 0,5 RON
Programming for the Romanian Auto Registry 0 RON
Programming for the S.P.C.R.P.C.I.V. Temporary Numbers 0 RON
Programming for the S.P.C.R.P.C.I.V. Final Vehicle Registration 0 RON
Calculating the “Environmental Stamp” Tax 0 RON